Fit Friends Connection is an hour fitness class for adults (15+) with special needs.

Each class starts with a warm-up, then alternates between strengthening and cardiovascular exercises, followed by a cool down.

When: Thursdays 4:00-5:00pm

Where: Gemini Center, Fairview Park

Cost: $20 per class

Rec2Connect accepts self waiver, NEON funding, and insurance reimbursement.

"We are so lucky to have found you! 

All the therapists, Erin, Lauren, Dan they are truly amazing people who all share the same love and passion for making our kids feel part of "a community, a friend circle, a group of young adults that have comradery" and together with each other are building confidence, they say "hi" to each other, they truly want to know how each other is doing. 

A lovely young lady at "Fit Friends" was talking about her dog, that he has cancer and they have to put him down.  I know that is such a sad thing, I have a hard time with it, but she was able to share her feelings with her friends and they made her feel better.  And the socialization and the friendships keep building, it's beautiful! 

Ok, I'm tearing up, making myself cry over here, that's how strongly I feel about what your program and what it does for our kids."

~Laurie E, parent

Spring Session postponed!

the Art Connection

This hour-long art therapy class is designed for ages 11+ and focus on the theme of friendship through both group and individual art projects while promoting social skills. 

The class is led by Courtney Carnes. A board certified Art Therapist and certified Trauma Practitioner, she is the current Art Therapist with the Monarch Center for Autism. Courtney has over 5 years of Art Therapy experience and has had her participants’ exhibits of art showcased at the ETON Chagrin Blvd Shopping Center. The Snowflake Project has been displayed through the Holiday Season since 2015. In Courtney’s spare time, she is a dedicated community volunteer and coaches Women’s JV High school Basketball.


4:45-5:45 pm at:      The Friendship Circle

                                 27900 Gates Mills Blvd.

                                 Pepper Pike, OH 44124

Cost: $265 for 6 classes

Register at Blue Sombrero. Click Available Programs and then Register for the Art Connection.


NEW: Connect and Move

Developing cooperative team skills and promoting overall fitness

This program is designed for children ages 7-14 with special needs to develop cooperative play skills in a group setting, while improving gross motor development through introduction to fitness and sports.


  • Sensory Regulation: body awareness, vestibular and proprioceptive input, requesting breaks when needed
  • Group Social Skills: turn taking, waiting, initiating and responding to peer interactions, working as a team, being a leader, cooperation versus competition
  • Gross Motor Development: building strength and endurance, increasing range of motion and flexibility, further developing agility and coordination
  • General Play Skills: Safety with equipment, remaining with the group, sportsmanship, accepting mistakes or losses, following the rules of the game, basic sport and exercise skills

Sessions postponed until deemed safe to resume.
5:15-6:15 pm Connect and Move

The Gemini Center
21225 Lorain Rd.
Fairview Park, OH 44126

$160/Four weeks, Year-round 4 week sessions

Visit Rec2Connect on Blue Sombrero and click Available Programs to register.

Programs for Teens and Adults

New: Club Connect 

                   Community. Recreation. Inclusion. 

This three-part program is for individuals with special needs in adult day program. Programming includes an exposure to fitness and leisure activities in a community based setting.

Fit Foundations: Our social exercise class is an hour long class that focuses on exposing the individual to activities like yoga, pliates, TRX, weights, partner exercises, resistance bands, medicine balls, sports related workouts, and more!

Social Hour: This portion includes time for participants to enjoy lunch, socialize with new friends, and unwind. Participants will enjoy group games, music, and sensory stations.

Aqua Motion: The aquatic program offers a variety of games and exercises to keep participants moving and engaged in the water. The time will focus on group games, swimming, and aquatic exercise.

More details and registration information coming soon!

Fit Friends Connection


Building connections and achieving goals through recreation therapy and aquatic therapy