Program Goals:

  1. Increased exposure and choice within recreation opportunities
  2. Create a structured environment for recreation that allows for success and enjoyment
  3. Increase strength and endurance
  4. Increase Range of motion
  5. Increase motor planning skills (bilateral coordination, crossing midline, reciprocal motion)
  6. Increase in gross motor skills
  7. Increase in sensory stimulation and regulation
  8. Increase behavioral regulation within a group setting
  9. Increase social Interaction skills
  10. Increase community integration and involvement
  11. Opportunity to practice skills in controlled environment and transfer into community setting and programs
  12. Allow for independence, self-determination, self-initiation in recreation involvement
  13. Transfer of skills acquired through programs to many other life skills, ADLS, and overall life satisfaction
  14. Increase future and long term recreation involvement
  15. Engage in a healthy recreation lifestyle, promoting wellness and optimal health

Programming: this list is not all inclusive, programs may be developed based on needs and interests of specific client groups.     

Fit Friends Connection-focus on introducing participants to a variety of exercise equipment and class styles (HIIT, dance, yoga, strength training, etc)
Sports Connection-focus on basic intro to sports skills in 4 week increments.  Each sport is divided into skills that will be worked on each week
Team Connection- focus on mastery of sports skills to participate in intramural league play
Movement and Music Connection-focus on sensory integration with large motor movement input, incorporating music into the sessions as tolerated

Social Connection-focus on social interaction, team building, and group skills with strategically planned activities
Recreation Therapy Connection-focus on needs and interests of clients (ie horticulture, cooking, arts and crafts, book club, sewing, board games and puzzles, bowling, etc)

Aquatic Exercise Connection-focus on exercise, endurance and strength in the water in a fun, high energy environment

Adapted Aquatics Connection-focus on teaching and refining swimming skills.  Can be offered in 1:1 or small group setting
Aquatic Therapy Connection-focus on increasing strength, balance, motor planning skills determined following standardized assessment.  Offered in 1:1 setting

Program Mission:   To provide meaningful and enjoyable Recreation Therapy Programs to adults with special needs in Day Programs

For more information or to set-up a meeting to explore your organization and client needs, email: .

Adult Recreation Therapy Programming


Building connections and achieving goals through recreation therapy and aquatic therapy       

Sample Program Overview:

  • Services will begin with caregiver assessment completed and ISP review by Rec2connect with background information on individuals enrolled
  • Leisure Inventory Assessment will be completed to determine prior, current and future recreation interests and involvement
  • All information from assessments will be used to assist in determining program planning, structure, and needs of individuals
  • Groups contain maximum of 12 individuals at a time in programs
  • Multiple programs can be offered back to back during day
  • All programs are offered in structured setting that participants follow weekly.  Visual schedules can be provided to direct the class as needed
  • Recreation Therapist would facilitate the group, with Recreation Therapy Assistant to assist with prompting, behavioral regulation, adaptations provided.  Support staff from Day Program would be integrated into program as needed to assist in facilitation
  • All programs can be adapted for needs of participants, taking into consideration physical needs, behavioral needs, sensory needs, etc